Update! The Story of Jesus Radio Broadcast is back on the air as of Sept. 7, 2002
It airs on WOAK Christian Radio 90.9 FM in LaGrange, GA

The Story of Jesus radio broadcast aired from July 1989 until December 1993. This broadcast was our first use of the title "The Story of Jesus." Due to the lack of finances, we had to suspend this ministry and the burden and desire to resume broadcasting has remained in my heart. The following is an article that was published in the Fall 1992 Newsletter and reprinted in the Spring/Summer 1994 Newsletter. The Spring/Summer 1994 Newsletter is archived on our Newsletter page and it also contains the original report of the broadcast leaving the air. Please help us pray for God's will concerning resuming this ministry.
--Van Billingsley, March 1, 2001

A Burden to Broadcast
(Written by Van Billingsley, Fall 1992)
About six years ago, the Lord placed a burden on my heart to begin a radio broadcast. As I began to look into what would be involved, I visited a radio station manager about their air-time rates, and realized that the greatest barrier would be finances. The only option I had was to find a sponsor to finance the air-time which I was unsuccessful in doing. I knew that if the Lord wanted me in this ministry, He would supply the need, but at the time all I could do was pray about it. The burden stayed with me as I moved away to attend Tabernacle Bible College and I continued to pray for an open door. I checked into the rates at Tabernacle's station and found the same barrier there.

As I continued in prayer about the matter, an appeal by Dr. Sightler had a great impact on my vision for this ministry. (He had been broadcasting "The Bright Spot Hour" for close to fifty years at that time.) He spoke of his concern that young preachers enter the Radio Ministry, because he and J. Harold Smith, who were nearing the end of their ministry, and others such as J. Vernon McGee and Oliver B. Greene, who have already finished their course, would not be here to carry on this needed ministry. Until then, I had looked at radio broadcasting as simply an opportunity to preach; It was only then that I realized the true necessity of this ministry. That was during my first year at Tabernacle and the following summer, due to my job situation and a step of faith, I was able to purchase the equipment needed and begin broadcasting on the station I had first inquired into, which covered my home area. I wanted to name the broadcast something that would reflect it's content best, so I entitled it "The Story of Jesus."

In years past the radio ministry has been used to reach the lost across the country. This has faded drastically due to the difficulty of getting air-time on a secular station. Besides the fact of high commercial rates and very little acceptance, you must consider the fact that you would be financially supporting the secular station. On the other hand, we have a great need for Christian radio and thus a great need for Christian Broadcasting; This is often also an outreach to the lost because they do often come into contact with these stations on their own radios when they may not otherwise ever hear a message preached. This is also a great ministry to reach shut-ins, nursing homes, hospital rooms, and even jail cells. In supporting Christian radio, it also provides holy and righteous entertainment for families throughout the week; That's something we don't have much of today.

"The Story of Jesus" has aired on WOAK in LaGrange, Georgia since July 7, 1989 and WEBT in Valley, Alabama since July of this year; Preparations are being made to begin broadcasting on a station overseas. Please pray that more doors will be opened in the future and that the financial needs will be met. Our goal is simply to tell "The Story of Jesus."

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