Special Ministry Needs
(Updated 11-24-2012)

Please help us pray for these needs to be met!
  • Special Need (Posted December 6, 2011 - Updated Jan. 2, 2012):
    Update: The bus has been purchased and the tent has been purchased, all with gifts and donations by God's people. Praise the Lord!
    In our Fall 2011 Newsletter we explained the need for a shuttle bus which will be converted to an RV to pull a tent trailer. We have peace that the Lord has shown us the exact type vehicle we need for this purpose. We occasionally find these vehicles at auction, but we have not had the funds to place a bid thus far. Please help us pray about this need and let us know if you can help! You may donate to this need in the "Bus/RV Fund" box below.
    Update: We have made offers with what we have on a bus that was still available the last we checked, but it appears we will need considerably more than we have thus far.
  • Additional Funds to Complete Bus/RV Conversion
  • Monthly Mission Support
  • Funds For Travel Expence for Tent Ministry
    We have tent meetings beginning in April in the southeast and we are scheduling meetings with church planters throughout the mid-west from that point.
  • Additional Meetings and Open Doors for Bro. Van's Evangelism
Bus/RV Fund
Note: Someone has suggested that everyone in a certain internet group donate $1.00, which is a great idea, but please be aware that each transaction carries a $0.30 fee plus 3% so from a $1.00 donation here we would receive $0.67. In contrast, a $10.00 donation would give us $9.40.
If the Lord has blessed you and leads you to help with any of these needs, please contact Bro. Van at vanb@mindspring.com or call his cell phone at (706)585-2026.
Donate to General Ministry Expenses:

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