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The Story of Jesus
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IFB Sermons!
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We do not necessarily endorse any of the pages listed here nor their contents. They are included here for reference and I have grouped them in such a way that other Independent Fundamental Baptist can sort through them and have some sort of idea what is here. If you feel that a site is misplaced or should be added, please feel free to E-mail me; I may or may not agree with you.

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Independant Fundamental Baptist
Other Fundamental/Conservatives
Conservative/Christian Politics, Legal, Financial and News
General Christian/Bible Material
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Independent Fundamental Baptist

Independent Baptist Web Sites
This is a great links page. To keep my page simple, I recommend this site as a more comprehensive page for Independent Baptist sites.

Oakside Baptist Church - LaGrange, Georgia

WOAK Christian Radio 90.9 FM
A Ministry of Oakside Baptist Church
Live Streaming
for Dial-Up and Broadband!

Tabernacle Ministries - Greenville, South Carolina
Pages for Tabernacle Baptist Church, Tabernacle Baptist Bible College, Tabernacle Children's Home, Tabernacle International Missions, WTBI Radio with live Audio Streaming, Greer Baptist Campmeeting and more...

International Fellowship of Fundamental Baptists
International Fellowship of Fundamental Baptists

Nationwide Independent Baptist Fellowship
Nationwide Independent Baptist Fellowship

Southwide Independent Baptist Fellowship
Southwide Independent Baptist Fellowship

Chattahoochee Valley Independent Baptist Fellowship
Chattahoochee Valley Independent Baptist Fellowship

Independent Baptist Fellowships of Georgia

The Sword of the Lord
The Sword of the Lord

Other IFB Local Churches:
Franklin Road Baptist Church - Murfreesboro, TN - Pastor: Dr. Mike Norris
Kenwood First Baptist Church - Fayetteville, GA - Lynn McClain, Pastor
Friendship Baptist Church - Stanfield, NC - Pastor: Clint Lewey
   Counsel of a Friend - Blog Spot of Pastor Clint Lewey
Fellowship Baptist Church - Williamston, NC - Pastor: John Keeter
   Hither And Yonder - Blog Spot of Pastor John Keeter
New Testament Baptist Church - Phenix City, AL - Pastor: David Johnson
49th St. Baptist Church - Anniston, AL - Pastor: Ray Morris
Victory Independant Baptist Church - Columbus, GA - Pastor: Preston Parker
New Beginnings Baptist Church - Marshville, NC

Evangelists, Missionaries and Other Individual Ministries:
Living Waters Baptist Youth Camp Evangelist Mike Ragland
The Bright Spot Hour - Dr. Ben Carper - Radio Ministry of the late Dr. Harold B. Sightler
Dr. Joe Arthur
   The Greer Baptist Camp Meeting Page
The Gospel Hour, Inc. - Ministry of the late Dr. Oliver B. Greene
Roloff Ministries Lester Roloff, Founder - Family Alter Radio & Roloff Homes
Evangelist Dave Young
Paul Redmond Family - Missionary Evangelist to North American Church Planters
Richard Hughes Ministries - Dr. Richard Hughes
Faith Family Ministry - The Gilley Family
Preach Evangelistic Ministries - Missionary Evangelist Paul Pritchard
Martin Cook Ministries
Victorious Valley Homes A ministry of Victorious Valley Baptist Church

Other IFB Resource Ministries:
Military Independent Baptist Churches
Crown College - Dr. Clarence Sexton, President
FBN - Fundamental Broadcasting Network
Master Clubs
Dial-the-Truth Ministries
The Preacher's Corner Dedicated to the Men of God who preach the Word of God, Dr. Tom Walker
Fellowship Tract League

    The Baptist Top 1000 Websites

The Fundamental Top 500    Fundamental, Baptist, KJV Sites on the Internet The Top King James Bible Websites!! KJV1611 Independent Fundamental Baptist   Top Independent Fundamental Baptist King James Bible Websites!!

Don't Forget us! The Story of Jesus
Evangelist Van Billingsley

IFB Sermons!

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For the Ladies

Mom of 9's Place
Modest Apparel USA

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Other Fundamental Conservatives
Bob Jones University Greenville, SC
WMUU Radio - Bob Jones University "World's Most Unusual University"
BBN - The Bible Broadcasting Network
Majesty Music Ron Hamilton (Patch the Pirate)
Patch the Pirate
PATHS Online Evangelist Tom Hayes - Preaching and Teaching His Salvation

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Conservative/Christian Politics, Legal, Financial and News

Religious Freedom Coalition Founded by William J. Murray
(William Murray is the son of the infamous Madalyn Murray O'Hair, atheist leader who sued to have prayer removed from the public schools. William Murray was Born Again as an adult and is now a Baptist Evangelist. I found these links and added them after seeing him interviewed on The Discovery Channel concerning his mother's disappearnce. In the interview made in his office, a banner displayed behind him read "As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.")

WORLD Magazine
Focus on the Family - Dr. James Dobson
AFA - American Family Association - promoting traditional family values
Point of View Radio Talk Show Marlin Maddoux, founder
Christian Coalition Home Page
National Right to Life
CLA - Christian Law Association - Dr. David Gibbs, Jr.
The Rutherford Institute Freedom Under Fire
Note: The Rutherford Institute often fights for the Christian's rights, but also supports and fights for many liberal and wrong causes. For this cause, we cannot consider them a conservative group.

Crown Financial Ministries/Christian Financial Concepts (How To Manage Your Money/Money Matters - Larry Burkett, founder)

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General Christian/Bible Material

THE WORD - Online Bible
Try each link for different modules available for free download.
  • Purchase on DVD
  • UK Site

    Modest Apparel USA
    A.C.E. Accelerated Christian Education
    King James Authorized Version Bible
    Institute for Creation Research (ICR)
    Answers in Genesis
    The Baptist Faith and Message The Southern Baptist Articles of Faith
    Chick Tracts
    Spurgeon's Sermons
    Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible

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    Other Christian Sites

    Moody Bible Institute
    Ron Hutchcraft Ministries
    Childrens Bible Hour Grand Rapids, MI
    Grace to You John MacArthur
    Jack Van Impe Ministries International

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    Other Christian Link and Index Pages

    BibleNet - Your Online Source for Bible Information

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    The Story of Jesus Homepage.